Become a Volunteer

Go on a trip

We have physiotherapists,  occupational therapist,  speech language therapists, wheelchair therapists and technicians, and  nurses who work with people with disabilities on our trips to the Pacific Islands.  Please contact us if you are a therapist and would like to take part in one of our trips.  You will need to have experience working with children or adults with disabilities and be able to provide a reference from your place of work.  Generally you will need to pay your own flights and accommodation on your first trip,  however there is some support available if you come on further trips.



 Assist with Packing for Shipping

If you live in Auckland and have flexible working hours,  you might like to assist us when it comes time to move equipment from the warehouse to the shipping agent. The warehouse is in Penrose and this involves a few hours to assist with packing up the equipment,  ready to be dropped off for shipping.  Please contact us if you can help in this way.